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1.  Click"BUY NOW"

2.  Login your account of our website,if you do not own account,please create one

3. Choose the item you need,set the quantity and the available options value,because they are requested


4. Add it into the Cart,you can choose all the items you are interested into the cart



5.  View your cart and check it out



6. If you register on our website, you can get Coupon Code, Click" VIEW CART"to use the coupon code;If not, pls clic"Check Out" directly


7.  After that,If you choose to pay via Paypal, please leave your phone number in order remar

8.  If you pay by western Union or Mongram,You can contact with

9. Order will be in "Processed" status, it takes about 1~2 days for us to deal it


Any problem,You can contact with


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Many years ago LV took a manufacture of “fakes” from Morocco to court to sue and they LOST because it turned out than on testing the two products the fake were better quality! Louis Vuitton began placing orders with this factory.


There are  plenty of people(many of whom are wealthy)who buy fake LV,GUCCI,HERMES,etc,handbags and clothing. but I'm talking about the good fakes that nobody can tell isn't real from certain websites...not the garbage you see in flea markets or Chinatown stores. And not only do they save tons of your money but they look amazing too. And by the way..these items aren't made in Chinese sweat shops by children. They are make by adults who also make the major brands merchandise you buy in any regular American store. As they say..the wealthy stay wealthy by not wasting their money.. and bags and clothing..unlike gold or real estate.. ALWAYS depreciates over time and is a waste in the long term.

You can carry a fake bag and wear a fake Watch,but you have saved tons of dollars to drive a REAL Benz and live in a REAL beautiful house.


Do you know that many designer brand bags are made in China (i am talking about the real one) and just package in France. The law only require to display the last destination of assembly.


Enjoy your shopping! Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

Note: Money is send to a person, if you need to confirm the payment to western union, please do tell them the purpose of the payment is for family or friends.

1.Go to Western Union Website, choose your country page, Sign up or Log in your account firstly.


2. Click Send Money to pay online with Western Union.


3. Choose Sending Money to China, and Enter the Total Amount of your order, either USD or CNY is available currency.

1) Don't change the exchange amount, western union fix it diectly.
2) About how does the receiver want the money, choose "Cash pick up".
3) If the amount is up to limitation, you need to pay in Western Union store.


4. Enter the Receiver's first name and last name, then "Continue".

5. Enter the card holder's valid information to complete the money transfer. 

6. Follow the website steps to finish the money transfer is OK.
After you complete the money transfer, you will get a 10-digit number (MTCN), send it to our customer serivce to confirm and process your order.

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Wristlover is a Hongkong Huirui Group Corporation's brand devoted to making premium bags,wrist watches. The manufacturer locates in Guangzhou where is China's the largest production base of bags and wrist watch. We always adhere to the design philosophy of comfort and fashion, choose material of the high quality, and using the super technology to make our productions.
We have a professional and complete industry chain, including product development, own factory, marketing, warehouse logistics, customer service and so on. Highly competitive prices, superior quality and good customer service are our enterprise faiths, which are the main reasons that the products are widely acclaimed by many customers.
The company started the eCommerce business in June 2012. the sum of business for online sales has more than $15 million dollars in 2017